Making new friends

Hello. I was wondering how Kiwis get along with foreigners and making friends. I heard you guys are pretty chill, but how chill? What do you guys like doing for fun? How are friendships viewed in New Zealand?  :o I'm so curious!

kiwis are supposed to be very friendly but i have found the opposite i have lived here 15 years and havent made one kiwi friend they are interested in rugby, cars, binge drinkin and  sport thats it. i have lived in this house for 4 years and dont know one of my neighbours very lonely place for expats

I'm sorry to hear that Pammie. :-/
Thank you for the insight. I'll keep it in mind.

Let's say you get a job overseas, am in Africa by the way, how can you verify that its not human trafficking or a scam.

Hi Pammy! I found the same feeling although my boyfriend is kiwi! He is the only one I could be open to! I have been here almost two years in both islands and I found that they are pretty much reserved some friend said its cause they come from the British culture. If it wasn't for him I will live somewhere friendlier for sure!!!!! Can't wait to be back home!

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