re/entry coming back

so im having my exit in my previous company right now and i was taking some problems to transfer my car even if i had only 1month staying philippines bcoz i need to get back here in riyadh with my new work,new employer ,.will you help me guyz what should be the best to do,.TAKING EXIT PREVIOUS COMPANY AND STAY 1MONTH PHILIPPINES AND COMING BACK RIYADH WITH NEW EMPLOYER , DO I HAVE TO TRANSFER MY CAR? I NEED YOUR HELP asap


You will not get the final exit till you transfer your car !!

thnx for reply

I have a question. Can anyone pls help me. Right now im traveling going home for an emergency leave. I got may exit re entry visa. Tha problem is i did not notice that my exit visa was not stamp by the officer. I will be coming back yo the kingdom after 10 days.. Pls. Help what will i do?

But there is an exit stamp on your passport? I think it's ok, I had the same concern on my last trip and everything went well.

Don't worry that's normal, as long as your passport is stamped for exit !!

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