Immigration stopping,or off loading filipinos from Terminal 1

A week ago,a Filipina friend was refused or offloaded by an Immigration officer at Terminal 1 in Manila. This despite having a new passport,a Visa from Embassy of country to visit,photo's and invitation letter,with sponsor on it. IO says,"Maam sponsor must be a Relative and you cant go even for 3 days."
She left there,humiliated and traumatised!
I suggested,that she go to the Immigration Office,which she did 2 days later,after recooperating. Eventually found an IO willing to listen to her story. Was advised to get Invitation letter Authenticated at Philippines Embassy or Consulate in country going to. This has been done and is with the Courier on way to Manila! The Airline in the mean time want a Penalty to rebook,they not said how much as yet!
Has any other member experienced this or know of one?

Hi. It is sad to hear what happened to your friend. But yes, there are already lots of filipino who have offloaded in immigration. They said about 40 filipinoes everyday r offloaded for various reasons. Tell your friend to prépare for the next travel,it is better to be over-prepare. :) Good luck to your friend

My friend a filipina was offloaded again a few hours ago. This despite going to the Main Immigration Office,who told her to get the Invitation letter Authenticated from the Philippines Consulate in Cape Town. That same officer gave the approval on showing it to her. Then my friend had to go back with the Itenary of the flight. That same IO messaged the airport giving the date and time. So we thought it will then be easy,however the IO at Terminal 1 still cross examined her and said she must have a Relative and told her,there is the door,now go!
Those IO are so rude and said they give the final decision,not an IO from main Immigration. This is so discouraging,traumatic and embarrassing to say the least. She will go back to tell the IO,hopefully tomorrow to see what to do next!

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