expired exit re-entry visa for dependants

Dear friends,
My wife went on exit re entry in april 2017. Visa expiring august 1st 2017. Iqama valid till august 2018.
She cannot travel becos of pregnancy.

1) Is there a way to extend visa for another 8 months??

2) Or if i submit her iqama in jawasat now and get a fresh visa after delivery? ? ( recent announcement from passport dept to submit iqamas within one month of violation/expiry  - … visas.html )

3) is it possible to return in visit visa atleast??

I will be extremely grateful if you could help me ppl.

Thanks in advance

You can apply for the extension of the exit/re-entry visa !! Will have to pay additional charges for it.

Jawasat person told visa extension procedure is not available now.  Has been removed recently

I think bro in this case you should ask your Employer to provide a letter and the same letter should be sent to your home country...hire agent and he will do the job for you....but once it is done... your family need to travel within 14 days to ksa...

Dear Mr. remo136 , Now I'm going through the same situation. As my wife is currently in India and couldn't return to KSA as she is Pregnant. Her Re entry visa expired on DEC-17. and I didn't submit the iqama to Jawasat yet.
please let me know if you get any solution regarding this?

I submitted her iqama in jawasaat after expiry date. They have cancelled her visa.
Regarding visit visa u can get.
But dependent visa depends on your luck.
No fine if u submit it in jawasat

Thanks for your reply remo136

Hi remo136

You mean her iqama is expired and then they cancelled the visa and get new one?

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