graduated student with MOE bond S-pass rejection

Hi everyone!
Im a graduated student in Singapore took MOE tuition grant bond and so I have to work in Singapore for 3 years to fullfill the bond!
I found a company after i graduated and they applied for my s-pass last week! and today (after 1 week) I got the result stating that:
- I do not qualified for S-pass (this part i don't understand since I already have the paper declaring from my college and MOE stating I'm eligible for S-pass after my graduation and my application should be favorable due to the MOe bond, I also passed the SAT test on the website so there should be no reason saying that im not qualified!??)
- second they stated. S-pass citerias have been tightened to protect local wages. And if the company still want to hire me they need to consider command a higher salary (propsed was 2.200$) .

More about my background: Im from Vietnam. Studied 3 years in singapore and graduated with Diploma . before came to Sg i already work for 3 years . I graduated in June but the official certificate only issued in Sep so the school gave me a paper to declare my graduated status when apply S-pass)

I'm very sad and frustrated and don't understand what happened! The company said they will try to appeal! But i need advices what should I do in this case now?

For S pass the minimum fixed salary is $2,200. So if the company does not offer the minimum salary of $2,200 (at least) then you are not eligible for S pass. Ask your employer to increase your fixed salary to the minimum qualification level in order for you to qualify for selection of S pass. Good luck

Hi thanks for reply!
Yes the salary they offered when applied is 2.200$ met the minimum!
Now im caught in the middle while MOE wants me to work here to serve the bond but MOM doesnt approve!
I don't understand what they want me to do!

Should be higher than $2,200, as you have 3 years experience before coming here (hoping the experience you had, is related to your current job application), and looking at current market (though I don't know your field), but with the experience of 3 years and more, you should expect around $3,000 at least. The salary level to below market standard is considered as negative to your application as MoM doesn't want employer creates an atmosphere of insecurity among the local talents. Try to negotiate to increase your salary to market standard and appeal once again. Same time check all the documents provided to MoM that there shouldn't have any wrong Information in the declaration form. Good luck.

Thanks for the recommendation. really appreaciated.
But there is one thing i don't understand when they stated: "this candidate does not qualify for S-pass"
It seems to be odd because i got letter from school and that letter was supported by MOM declaring my eligibility for S-pass and I also pass the online SAT!
So is it because of me does not meet requirements or whatsoever? This is really confusing!

It could be the reason of your salary which was below the market standard to qualify for S pass. Below link from MoM will help you to understand better. … ligibility

I agree with Surya: You probably need at least S$3000/month to get an S-Pass (and to be fairly paid!).
Since MoE or a college cannot decide whether you are eligible for an S-Pass (only MoM can), this letter you got is useless.
On the positive side, if you cannot get a work visa, your tuition bond is void and you can go home without penalty.

I've just made this account to put in an advice.
So you were under a TG bond, but your Spass was rejected?
It states that you are not eligible for an Spass, even though you have a bond?

You can still appeal on the application with additional documents which includes:
1. SPass recommendation letter (This can be obtained from the school).
2. Recommendation letter from your Care Person during your poly days.
3. A letter from your boss on why he is keen to hire you.

Point No.1 is valuable as it states that you are eligible for SPass and needs to serve the bond, and that your application will be considered 'favourably'. Of course the basic requirements such the company must have sufficient quota must be met.

As appeal may be judged on case by case basis, with the 3 letters above hopefully it will increase your chances. For letter No.1, approach the international student's office.

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