Dubious Reasons to Buy Real Estate Upon Moving to South America

Top Dubious Reasons For New Arrivals to Buy Real Estate in South America

10.  We've always owned our own house, and we like it that way.

9.  I've been studying Spanish, so nobody's gonna pull a fast one on me.

8.  From what I recently read in International Living Magazine, I now know which country to move to, so buying real estate there won't be a decision I regret.

7.  According to Live and Invest Overseas, I need to diversity overseas .. and now!

6.  The Colombian currency is at 3,000 pesos to 1 dollar.  This is the best time ever to invest.

5.  If I have my own place, I can put a swimming pool out back.

4.  I've successfully bought property in Europe and the USA.  Should be a snap in South America.

3.  If I decide South America is not my full-time home, I have a friend who can manage the place for me while I put it back on the sales market.

2.  I definitely need to own a place where T----, P---- and the Koreans aren't looking to attack.

And the #1 dubious reason for newcomers to buy real estate in South America....

1.  The place I was offered is the deal of a lifetime.  It's right on the beach.  Just needs some fixing up .. and we'll be moving in for good within two months time.

Hello cccmedia,
Glad to see you are in back in Colombia. While your advice is sage, I must play the devil's advocate today and post this: … y-Colombia
My experience buying in Sabaneta has been uncannily effortless. Will keep everyone posted...

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