Working in the Philippines but would be transferring to Vietnam

Hello, my name is Emmanuel. I am currently working in the Philippines but would be transferring to Vietnam once the work I am doing is satisfactory for my Vietnamese/British employer. I am a web designer and working for a Vietnamese/British employer and maintaining a few sites ( and at the moment. Once my work is ok, I would be relocated in Vietnam.

I need tips on how to live (place to stay, eat) in Vietnam. Also, what's the salary I could ask my employer for someone like me that would work and stay there.

Need help and advice.

where will you relocate in Vietnam?


I do not know how your experience is and where your company stays in Saigon to guide you.

- Accommodation: Depends on area. The highest area is District 1, District 7, District 2, and around the area in District 1 (3,5). The further the lower price of rental. As I know, 5 mil VND/ month is for a room (partly furniture) in District 3, 1 (no kitchen). For condo, may be between 6+ mil for a room with fully furniture and kitchen etc. You have to check for your company area first. If it places in District 1, you should rent somewhere near, district 3 is fine too since it is near to District 1 (but depends on areas in District 1, some streets in District 1 link to District 3, and 5 and Binh Thanh District).

- Transportation: You have to have motorbike to move around. Bus system is okay but takes long and it is quite messy especially Traffic jam is happening everyday and every hour in Saigon especially peak morning and after working hours (if you get stuck in Traffic jam, it takes you approximately 2+ hours, so prepare if you use bus you may stuck around 1-3 hours per day). You can use Grab Bike (it is popular), or Uber taxi. Avoid peak hour: 8-10AM, and 6-8PM.

+ 3K VND 1 bus trip regardless of distances.
+ Grab Bike: 15K - 50K per trip depends on distance.
+ If you have motorbike, the petrol price is around 70-100K VND/ week for everyday using (from District 1 - District 5)

- Food: Many ranges. You can buy 17K VND for a Vietnamese bread/sticky rice outside the street. Street food takes maximum 35K VND. In restaurant will be vary around 50-100K... Luxurious restaurant will be more (150K - 500K VND) . Food is diversity. Local, Fast Food, Western food, Chinese-Korean-Japanese food, Bread, cake... you will have many options to choose.

F&B business is strong in Saigon where you never lack of places to eat and drink (opening time for market and restaurant is from 8AM - 10 or 11PM). This is the most popular website about F&B which locals come to search for places and price: (can order for delivery there too). You can check Foody in facebook, they always introduce new restaurant or Food market around Saigon.

Avoid Tourist Area like District 1, they can cheat you if they see you are not locals (so bargain is necessary)

About Salary (Depends on your experience), but as I know, the salary range in Philippines is higher than Vietnam. Compared to Philippines, the standard is the same here so you can ask the same salary in your country here,  let's stick with minimum 800 USD for you.

Locals are paid around 5-8mil VND/month (lower than that)... so I think 800 usd is absolutely too high for locals here but for IT & Web Designer, average salary is min 10 mil VND so I think 800 usd is slightly high for you.... If you can deal to 1000 usd, you can live super well + saving in Vietnam (normal for highly experienced web designer in Vietnam with salary 1000+  so don't worry to discuss with your boss)

1000 usd = 22 mil VND (800 = 16, 17 mil VND) High enough for Vietnam life style.... Change from peso to VND (1000 peso = 500K VND). I live less than 500K VND/ day ( Convert to 3 meals in restaurant 60 x3 = 180K VND + 20K transportation, 50K-100K coffee house, wifi connection is everywhere, you do not need to use 3G. Phone credit top up  20K - 300K (can use many months only for call + SMS)...

Water: around 120K/month.
Gas: 50K 1 bottle
Electricity (Depends on usages) but prepare 300K -500K per month (for air con)

I do not know the price of fresh ingredients for cooking, because price is different in super market, and street market, but approximately 200K for a day (3 meals - 3 people)

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your detailed info on how it is to live in Vietnam. These would be really helpful for me.

Anyway, yes I am a designer and doing lots of sites for my current employer. Hopefully I could ask around 1000 usd or more. I think it is quite cheap there than here in the Philippines.

Anyway, if ever I do get there, I hope I do get to meet you. Are you also working?


Hi Emmanuel,

I wish too, but I am also expat like you in Malaysia, so hopefully I can visit my family in Tet Holiday. Then after that, hope to see you.

The salary in Vietnam is lower than Philippines a lot, but you will spend more money in Vietnam more than in Philippines I am sure. At least the price in Metro MRT is nearly covered from all Manila, and the price is not high, compared to Saigon, where you have too much entertainment and places to eat... and the main transportation mean is motorbike. So even you can have cheaper price in each portion, you still spend more for more portions...

you are encouraged to deal more 1000+ USD in Vietnam, high skill costs more. For Philippines salary, it is normal for 1000 USD right? So just based on your salary there then you can be fine.

When you move to Saigon? My family is in Tan Phu District near to Airport. you can have many cheap price there compared to District 1... I do not like District 1 alot due to its tourist area but 80% your company may place there (or District 3)

I am UI.UX Designer.... we are in the same field :)

Hi Kim,
Well, I really don't know yet when. But once my employer likes my work, I would be shipped there. Hopefully, I do a good job and be able to work there immediately.

Yes, we are in the same field. Hope to see you then.

your boss will take care of your working visa right?  :|

Yes, I think so.

Hi everyone,

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