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I am a Student from Egypt, been living in Kharkov for 2 years on Temporary residence for study purpose, I married a Ukrainian girl in May 2015. Can I just head to OVIR and get my PRP? and do I get PRP or citizenship ? How long shoulld I wait for citizenship ? Lastly, do I really have to get out and apply to Immigration permit?  Or can I make it from inside the country with way or another??

Contact Petro *** he is a fotmer lawyer at the European Court of Justice in France. But returned to work with his brother Pavlo helping people with all of their immigration issues here in Ukraine. Petro has helped me many times.

Çall them at ***

They will work with you on a payment plan if needed.

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Hi Youssef
you have the right to submit for the PRP after 2 years of your marriage or if you got an Ukrainian baby before the two years, after getting the PRP you can directly apply for the citizenship and it takes from 1-5 years.

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