Learn Turkish Lang

Do you have any link for Web-site to learn Turkish language . Thx in advance

Hi Mohamed,

DuoLingo is a free service which you can use on the internet or as an application on Apple or Android phones. It is free. I would highly recommend it as it uses Spaced Repetition  which means it teaches you a word and shows you it quite often near the start, then it starts to show you less and less as you grasp it.

Babbel is arguably better but you have to pay for it.

Good luck!

Thank u so much bro

Memrise ıs a good appreciation as well

Hello Muhammed lm here if you need to contact me please do not hesitate to call me in the meantime l want to learn more Arabic and improve my language having skillnes to obtain a guıte job



I want to learn Turkish.Please teach me.

Mümkün olduğunca çabuk Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorum......

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