Obtaining driving license from Latvia without resident permit ?

Dear expats,

I find my self in a bit of a sticky situation with regards to obtaining my driving license.

I have lived in Riga for 5 years while studying for my bachelors, with a valid resident permit for studies. I decided that before i left Riga i would obtain a driving license and so in the last of year of my studies i completed a driving school theory course and passed the theory exam with the CSDD and and even took some lessons and attempted the driving exam. However, i was unsuccessful and gave up and left Riga to go back to my home country (UK) after my studies finished (and consequently my permit expired).

I recently decided to come back to Riga to retake the practical exam before my theory exam expired and luckily i passed. However, when i went to collect my driving license from the CSDD they said that i cannot do so because i am not a resident and i would need to be for a minimum of 183 days.

Does anyone know what options are available for me to get the license from the CSDD? Or what kind of permit i should look into considering i only want my license?

You have no option open to you. You must apply for a residents permit .To buy one is around 26 euro for three years. You must have had 3 months living here and an address. If you tell them you are leaving to go back to EU then no you will not be able to have a license here. Contact British Embassy in Elizabeth street Riga ask if being a student and having passed a driving test here allows you to protest over refusal to obtain that said license. Embassy is your only hope. Good luck , but what i find hard is why you came here to study when our education back home in UK is far better and higher graded than any place outside.I took degree in uni but here nothing like it exists. I am but a resident house owner here but I have all that any Latvian has including voting. Medical costing same as they pay but thank God no need of any of it as yet. I passed my driving test in London 1978 and when I came here changed it to Latvian license when old own expired on retirement. No problems as they carry over all driving levels on back of license you have. No speeding points though. I can drive all over the world just the same as British License. I f I go home simply change back to British. You may not be able to now as did not have British license before and now the idiots are out of our club rules. You may well have to pass that test again in UK. Ask our Embassy I think they are just great here all young and willing to be of help to me when I came here. Some 700 came to the Christmas party on invite from Embassy met lots of nice easy people there.Why do you want to go back to UK,is it for better pay, then yes I fully agree.Embassy direct 371 677747000 ask for Miss s Harper. Tell her what you have asked on ex pats.

Thank you for your reply, Naesby. I came to Latvia to study Dentistry and at that time the tuition fee was far cheaper in Latvia than in the UK and also more economical living out here. That combined with the fact my wife also got a study place in Latvia (the only place we were both accepted) were my reasons for coming here  :)

I'll definitely give the embassy a ring to see if something can be done about my situation though i'm doubtful as the CSDD told me that it is very strict with any form of appeals since the issuing of licences is due to EU rules and regulations.

At the moment, my wife is finishing of her final year of studies and i'm looking into if i can get a residence permit via her, for example as a spouse, or perhaps as a job seeker (not sure if that's even possible).

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