Danish Health care for cancer patient


I am looking to find an IT job abroad and one of the countries I am considering is DK. The problem is that my husband is diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, we have a 2 yrs old son and I wouldn't consider moving without them. Does anybody know, if I take the job, will they also be insurred?  Will my husband receive the treatment he needs (chemotherapy, maybe surgery) as part of the insurance or we will have to pay?

Thank you for any info on this!

If you are all EU-citizens, you can bring with you your husband and son if you earn enough to support them.

It is Statsforvaltningen which administrates this issue.

If you meet the requirements, you and your family will have the right to free health care. … n-denmark/ … rk/Contact … ionals.htm

Best wishes for you and your family

Thank you so much for the info!
I will go through what you suggested and see if it is for us or not.

Have a great day!

You really have to take into account all aspects so it won't be any easy decision.

I wish you the very best,

It is, Nellie, indeed. But since my husband's life is at stake and the future of my child, I will do whatever necessary. This of course after being very well informed. So thank you for taking your time to help!

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