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Hello Everybody

I am new to the site & this is my first post!

I am intending to buy an old house (part ruin between Sax Alicante & Salinas.)

Could anybody recommend a good local  property lawyer who could oversee the sale & also where is the appropriate place is locally to obtain an NIE number.

Any related info on buying property in the area would be very much appreciated.

I am a builder /electrician hoping to live & work part time here (Brexit permitting!)

Thanks in advance  for all replies.



My wife works for Country Fincas estate agent in Pinoso and she says that they often recommend a lawyer that everyone calls Angela but who is really a María Ángeles - the address is 30, Canovas del Castillo in Pinoso but I can't find the actual name or even the phone number. When I'm in town I'll have a look.

If Pinoso is too far away there is a magazine produced in Sax called the TIM magazine which I'm sure you can Google. The magazine has ads for solicitors. Also there are several of the Facebook buying, selling and helping type pages. There's probably one for Sax but there is definitely one for Pinoso so your search will be much more focussed than asking here.

Yep your local one is Sax, Villena, Castalla buying and selling

Who ever you choose do not blindly beieve they will be 100% correct in everthng they say or do,  So take care what advice you accept

This is not UK,  where you might have a better chance of getting really good advice

Johncar is absolutely right. You need to find out as much as you possibly can about the process yourself so that you have an idea as to whether the people you are dealing with seem to be doing things properly.

Our experience is that lots of "professionals" aren't all that professional.

AP Abogados,
Maria A***

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Hi John

Thanks for the advice!



Hi (is it Chris?)

Thanks so much for replying to my message!

I will contact  Maria/Angela  to see if they she can help me!

Thanks again



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