Shipping car from USA to Vietnam

Hi all, Dr.G, here, as a resident of Vietnam (HCMC), there are many things that I already know; however, as I am now back in the US for a short time before returning to VN, I am in need of feedback from anyone who is familiar with shipping my car back to VN. Yes, true, the government does assess a fairly high import tariff on cars coming into the country (we all know that) but what other useful information can anyone share with me? The title to my car will be transferred over to my Vietnamese partner's name either before or upon arrival back into the country. Ok, the forum is now open for response, I'm an active and open-minded listener/reader. Thanks.

Hey,  Dr G,

I looked into bringing a car from the US to VN earlier this year and there are a couple of stringent requirements that must be followed. First and foremost, the car must be less than six months old with less than 10k km. The original MSRP sticker and sales invoice must be provided.

As far as transfer to your partner I got the impression that isn't allowed,  but you may want to check with someone better versed in the law.

You'll want to also check with a freight forwarder for shipping and duty charges.

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Thanks Mark; I've spoken to several companies that ship to Vietnam and, with them knowing that my car is a 2014 model, they did not say that there are any restrictions in terms of year of car because they have sent ones much older than mine. The transfer situation, I'm still not sure of but will certainly continue to look into that, as well.

I wouldn't take a shippers word for it because it is in their self interest to get you to use them. I suggest you do a Google (or whatever you favorite search engine is) and look up the requirements for shipping a car or motorbike into VN

Thanks Mark, I will certainly try to protect myself in any way possible.

Good_Man :

First and foremost, the car must be less than six months old with less than 10k km.

I may be wrong but I think the age and mileage requirements relate only to vehicles being brought in duty free on the special program for overseas Vietnamese.  If you want to pay the full duties, you can bring most anything although the duties may make it not worthwhile.  They may have reduce duties because they add to the economy but there are a ton of used US semi-tucks on the highways, some with the original owners names still on them.

i hope that the moderators do not consider this a political statement because I believe it is factual.  If TPP had been approved by the US, the duties on autos would have gone away with time.

Very good thought - yes, it really is a political thing, particularly or solely on the part of the Vietnamese government. The import tariff into VN for cars is 100% of the value of the car brought in - and furthermore, the VN government values the car not in the same way the Kelley's (Bluebook) or Edmund do. Their valuation is much higher, therefore, their tariff is much higher, too.

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