Facility Management in Perú?


I'm in the Facility Management profession, and am curious as to how this translates in Perú.  Can anyone tell me what the most common job title is for someone who effectively manages buildings?  In the US, such folks are called Facility Managers.  I am a Facility Services Coordinator, and work under a Facility Manager, but some Facility Services Coordinators are effectively Facility Managers.

Is "gerente de edificios" suitable, or might some other term be better.  To be fair, it really is a "catch-all" position, though we like to call it "multi-disciplinary".  Maybe the various activities are divided among different roles in Peruvian businesses?

For those not familiar with the profession, we typically oversee the following:
- Building systems (electrical, plumbing, climate control, etc.)
- Grounds management (parking lot, landscaping, etc.)
- Occupant services (janitorial, break room, conference room setups, maintenance, etc.)
- Life Safety Systems (fire, security systems and guard services)
- Sustainability (anything pertaining to environmental impact of a building)
- Construction, renovation and occupant moves
- Special events support


You may want to look at this site:

Then look here, entering key words to try to match a job title: … salarial#/

There do not seem to be many direct comparisons - I have a feeling that facility management is not as advanced or as complicated in Perú.  I did not look long, though, but found something equivalent for grounds maintenance/management starting with "Capataz".  I also tried "gerente", "sistemas", "admin"  and a few others.

You may also want to do a search for
peru empresas administradoras de edificios y condominios
...and the like, which will include administración as well as administradoras and maybe will give you more of a handle on what to look for: … ondominios

Hey, thanks for this! I'll definitely check out the links.  This is a tough one to be sure - my step-son works for one of the larger companies, and he is not quite sure either.  Since IFMA does not yet have a chapter in South America (that I know of), I imagine the profession is not as common.

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