App you would recommend

Hi all, I am moving to Shenzhen at the start of August and some people have suggested a few apps like Viber or WeChat but what would you recommend?

lots of foreigners use wechat in China, it is the most popular communication app in China

Hi Claire,

Wechat is really a must, not only for communication but also for its Wallet that you can connect to your Chinese bank account (you will need one) then pay almost anything using Wechat.
A good translation App is also a must.  Could be Baidu translate or even Google translate.
There are a few other APPs but it will depend to which city you are moving and also how long you will stay. If it's for a long time you will need to have access to Taobao (for shopping ANYthing), your bank's application, Alipay, DiDi (Chinese Uber that now has the option to be in English).
Let us know a bit more about your plans

And Welcome to China 😊😊😊. It's an amazing country with amazing people!

hi ,there are many apps in different kinds of useful, maybe you can advsie us what kinds do you need?

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