German student looking for a room for August/September

Hello alltogether!
I'm german student currently residing in Amsterdam for an internship. I was living in one of DUWO's student apartments until now, but this month I was told the program is terminated because they the need to make place for the next students coming semester. So I'm  kind of urgently looking for a place where I can stay the last two months of my internship: August and September. Should be located in Amsterdam or closeby. My budget is 400-500 Euro/months. I consider myself a quiet, clean and responsible roommate.  If anyone wants to rent out his extra room for those months, I'm happy to hear from you. Because a lot of expats have probably been in a similar position at some point, I would also be very thankful for any tips on how to find a short-term apartment in not even two weeks. Or maybe you know someone who looks to rent out his place?

Thanks a lot!

Hi MartG,

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have a look at the Housing in Amsterdam please, and why not publish your own "looking ad", it will be more practical.

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I could possibly help!

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