Family immigration with Norwegian minor

Hi all, am planning to apply for family relocation with my norwegian minor, however I do not have any paper to say I have an arrangement with the father on custody or visitations because I had her alone in another EU country and left Norway pregnant without realising I am. The child has a norwegian passport and am separated with my ex husband.

I am a skilled worker and have resided in EU for 8 yrs and studied here. The reason am moving to Norway is to make it easy to care for my baby and work at the same time. The other reason is because my ex is not cooperative so am finding it difficult to travel with my child or get assistance without some legal agreements in the other EU country and it all force me to move back to Norway.

I tried to book for check appointment in UDI site but they give me a date which my schengen visa would have expired, except if i try to rent a room in a kommune like Lillehammer to register while my visa is still valid. Wonder if this is allowed? Do I have to move in same kommune with my ex or it is not necessary? How long will it take for me my residency with minor if applied in Norway.

Am also struggling to find accomodation in areas where i can get appointment like Bergen or Lillehammer if anyone can help for August 2017.

Hello Yoyoyone,
My case is a little different from yours,but hope you are able to pick some few useful tips from it.
My kids and I applied for family reunification permit with my Norwigian husband 8 months ago.Before I did, it was important to get approval from my X husband, as much as I am the one living with the kids and fully taking care of them.Considering he wasn't cooperating and didn't care much,the court granted me full custody of the children,which enabled me send my application to VFS inclusive of all the other documents they needed from us (available on the website).
My husband who is the sponser has also met all the requirements needed by UDI.DNA test was conducted on us,few months after my husband and I were interviewed in our respective countries,I guess to confirm the kids are indeed mine.Now in the 8th month and 1 week of waiting and hoping for the best.

Hi Gweth, thanks for the respond, I have lived in Norway for some months with my Norwegian husband but was not happy the way he treated my other kid whom I have full custody of him from my ex through my country court, then I wrote to UDI to cancel my visa then returned to Ireland as am a professional and had work there and was a permanent resident in Ireland for 8 yrs now. Arriving in Ireland i realised am pregnant and thought everything will be easy with my Norwegian baby but everything returns me back to Norway when I try to fix things, even to travel to my home country I can't because I have to get authorisation from my Norwegian ex husband. Thats the problem that am moving back to Norway to straighten things up and leave in peace. Am get so angry thinking of the fact that i have travelled to Norway so many times but cant get much sorted except my childs Norwegian passport. Hope the answer you quick. I couldn't afford to stay in Norway for more than three months without working depending on my Norwegian husband, bad because i have lived in Europe and worked in EU for 10 yrs so it was difficult but now am determined to go alone and live my other child on boarding in Ireland hoping this time it will be sorted quick as there is only a Norwegian child and myself involved.

Hello again Yeyoyone,
I believe nothing is impossible, make the first move of inquiring with UDI and carry on from there and before you know it ,everything will fall in place no matter how long it takes, not only for you and your Norwigian child but for your other child too.
I believe if you make it and settle down in Norway you will be able to invite your elder child too ,especially if under 18yrs  old considering he is a minor and you have his/her full custody.
Thank you ,I hope they answer me quick.Best of luck with your case too.🙏

Hello good people.So happy.Got my residence permit today, 8 months 12 days down the line.👍👍👍

Hei, Congrats. Enjoy Norway

Thank you dear.Wish you all the best too🙏

Residence permit approved, waited for 4 months. Thanks all 👌🙏🎉🎉🤸🏽‍♂️

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