Bank repossessions

I have seen a lot of properties for sale on Kyreo that are bank repossessions. Does anyone have any experience of buying a property this way. Is it straight forward? We would be cash buyers.

Hola , not sure about buying from a bank , but generally all property is cheap at the moment , if you do buy from a bank make sure the water and electric are still connected as some times it is not straight forward to reconnect, what area are you looking to move to

Cheers Tony , in Agost Alicante

Hola Tony, we have been considering Valencia, where there does seem to be a lot of bank repossessions apartments. But we are also keen to explore cave houses in Andulacia.  Both areas have a range of properties that fit our criteria and small budget.

Hola ,

I live near Alicante , but have yet to visit Valencia , cave houses sound interesting , I wonder if they are a bit dark and damp though ,

Do you want to live in an expat area or more Spanish , we went for the Spanish option  , and live just outside of Agost pottery village nr Alicante

Definitely a Spanish area, we have just started to learn Spanish, do you speak Spanish and did you find it easier once you were immersed in it, so to speak.

I have been here nearly 14 years now , I can Speak Spanish but am ashamed to say far from fluent , but my kids are fluent with all Spanish friends ,

I guess it easier to pick up in a Spanish area as you have no choice , as you will not be understood in English , although we have noticed the younger generation do seem to have more interest in speaking English ,

Have you visited the area ?  are you looking to move permanently or holidaying

We have stayed in Valencia a few times but Granada region is planned for early next year to stay in a cave house and seriously look at what is available. I have been following an interesting blog about living in a cave house and would love to hear from anyone else living in one.

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