Is it possible to find a job offer without being in Canada ?

Hello. I hope you are doing well.
Can anyone help me please.
Is it possible to find a job offer without being in Canada.
I am from Albania and I am applying to migrate under an express entry program.

Hi Mirela2612,

Welcome on board  :)

What kind of job are you looking for please ?

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Thank you for answering me..I am a dentist in my country but since this is a regulated proffession I am trying to get a job offer as a dental assistant or another alternative job.

Does Canada offer jobs related to process improvement or project management? Do employers provide permanent visa for such opportunities? Thank you.


I am looking to relocate to Canada (from Sweden) for work next year and I too would like to know which companies have a good rate for migrant employees. I don't mind starting at entry level, as long as the income will be sustainable. I am open to working anywhere, where French isn't a requirement as my French is very basic.

Thank you in advance  :).

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