Multiple exit/entry visa

When I went to my employeer for a multi exit entry visa he said no way 2 weeks before Eid Mubarek as it takes a long time, so they gave me a single exit/entry visa to go to Bahrain for Eid. I paid 500.00 SAR before all this. My question  how many single exit entry visas can i get under a multi 500 SAR MOI payment?  My employer told me  maximum of two is this correct? So heres the story I got to the states this next Eid through mid September. If I go to Bahrain will I have to pay for another single exit entry visa?

Thanks, so I can do it myself and cut the company human resources out of the process?

I am working for company,Can I apply emergency exit re entry for my self without employer notifying .if yes,
What is the process.

Nothing is possible with out your employer.

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