Financial advice for UK-based pensions

Hi all,

Can anybody please recommend a financial adviser in Malaysia who is qualified and good at providing advice regarding UK-based pension schemes?

Specifically, I have 2 "final salary" schemes in the UK, which I am interested in transferring out into SIPP or a QROPS.  I understand these matters, but I still have to get professional advice to satisfy the UK regulations.

I can also instantly see through wide boys, spivs, hard sales people etc.  so anyone who is not a genuine professional would be wasting their time with me. This is a serious request.

Many thanks for any help that you can offer.

Don't do it. It's too risky in such a volatile investment market. (Or at least don't do both so you have a guaranteed income - as theoretically you could lose the whole pension if say one of the investments collapses). Also I imagine FSP will increase according to inflation.  IFAs in Malaysia. With exchange rates and interest rates (and other currencies) in MYR it could be an option rather than investment. But everyone to his own - I have just seen too many QROPS disasters.

Thank you, Gravitas.  I am not thinking of going into a QROPS, just transferring out of final salary into a SIPP.  The current transfer values are historically very high.

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