I have been to talk with immigration in nakon ratchasima and was told I can get a multiple entry Thai visa  in laos but only 30 days in Cambodia. I thought m.e.t.v were no longer available but they insist that I can only in laos. Anyone share any information about this. Also just managed to open a bank account here.


That is strange because for Multiple Entries  (maximum stay up to 60 days per entry) you need a letter from your employer, and for that need to apply from your country.

Below some requirements ( Thai embassy in London ) :

Original bank statement of the applicant showing a balance of least £5,000 (for 6 months) or a print out with official stamp of the bank.
A letter from the applicant's employer (in the UK and addressed to the Royal Thai Embassy).
     - If you are self-employed, your self-assessment and a company registration document are required.

A photocopy of the confirmed air ticket to Thailand.
A photocopy of the confirmed hotel reservation in Thailand.

With a single entry tourist visa you can stay 60 days and can do an extension for further 30 days.

Originally the METV was more to bring asian tourists here mainly Chinese, they can travel as much as they want every week end or short holidays but in any cases to live here.

Yes i thought very strange too.Still visa rules are so difficult having no standard rules for every embassy or immigration office they seem to just have their own sets of rules.So i will go to cambodia first for 30 days and  can extend that for 30 days so can have 2 months ,after that i will go to laos for single entry visa which give me 2 months + extension 30days and then keep renewing  single visa same as others who dont have the funds to get o visa until they change that.


Why you not go for spouse visa ? depending on how long you want to stay here.

After you can check with some agent, I have read on internet many propose financial solution ( not clear what they do with immigration, about legality or borderline ), but I know retired people use to pay around 25,000 THB to get their visa extension.

You can do your own google search, for example I see the following

- Providing you the finances to support your visa application
- No Funds  No Problem – We can Help you meet the requirements

I have heard of and seen many of these sites but i hear many stories about them not being good.My wife and i only marry traditional way so not legally married.New visa rules are due soon,lets see what they are .I dont receive my pension for another 4 years so that does not help.Maybe i will try cambodia live for a while but i should be ok renewing my s.e.t.v for now,just have to keep leaving the country.
Thanks for the info.


My guess is that any new visa rules which may be forthcoming are going to require greater financial security not less from those applying for visas.  Trying to outsmart the government and circumvent their requirements is going to make you very vulnerable at every stage.  I don’t envy being in your situation.

Yes I fully agree with you.


You can also check the solution more expensive of ThailandElite visa, 500,000 THB for 5 years ( VAT included ). You still have to extend every year. Multiple entries visa. They also have concierge services for bank account opening, driving licence, 90 days report, etc...

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