Student Visa with Visa refusal history


Anyone has the same case like me?

I'm Indonesian and I'm struggling to get COE from university.

In 2016, I applied tourist visa for winter holiday in Australia, but my visa got rejected due to the mistake of my agent. My agent wrote on visa application that I didn't have a job (unemployed), which actually is not right, because I do have a job in Indonesia.

this year, I want to study diploma commercial cookery in Australia, and when I enrolled the university by off-shore, they rejected my application because they said that I have visa refusal history so I don't suit with their GTE standard. Now, I'm confused, why my history visa rejection which is the mistake of my agent, it makes my future visa application seems like impossible to get? Is there any chance for me to get the COE and also the student visa?

I heard that if I apply student visa by on-shore it will be easy for me, but the problem is, I'm not sure if I can get tourist visa without "no further stay"clausal. If I get tourist visa with "no further stay" it means can't apply student visa by on-shore as well. I don't know which one is the best option for me.

Thank you.

Regardless of the reason for your previous refusal entry you will now find it extremely difficult to get to Australia.  Your only chance is to go back to the Agent who made the mistake and see if he can sort it out but it is very difficult.

A tourist visa is just that - to go and have a holiday and then leave, you simply cannot stay longer.

Student visas are not going to be accepted while you are on tourist visa especially when you already have a refusal.

You may be considered for a working holiday visa but your refusal my make this difficult.

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