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Hi all thank you for accepting me, first i just want to say what a beautifull country!!! I was there for two weeks and wow!! I am currently living in South Africa, my husband works for a company in Chile.  Because he is away so long his company is giving us the oppertunity to move there. We have a 2 year old little girl.  So i have a few questions.

1. Can we take our furniture with us when we move? He will be on a work permit
2.  Are there any international schools in Valpariaso, Vina Del Mar or Placia (excuse the spelling)
3.  We will be getting a tutor to teach us spannish, but for an expat what was the biggest challenge moving there?
4.  We have 2 yorkies, they are my children, can i bring them with?
5. Is there english speaking doctors? And how is the healthcare system?

I will be posting alot of questions in the comming weeks, our plan is to move over December

I am so glad i found an english group 😀

My last questions, are there any South Africans on this group?

Hi Margeretd,

Welcome to :)

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Priscilla team

Thank you for sharing wonderful information. I am moving to Chile with my family wife and 3 kids aging 13, 11 & 4. My kids are also on USA Homeschooling from long time. Really, if you can help me by guiding the right city/place to live and right school to join (English) It would be a great great help for me & my family.
GOD Bless you and your family ... Amen.
Best regards,
Saeed Mirza

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