Working without a visa


I'm very unsure about if I need a visa or not, for when I travel to Italy.

I will be staying within 90 days, so for a short stay. I will not be employed by a company, I will be casually tutoring English to Italians in coffee shops, maybe 10 hours a week or so, depending on the amount of interest I get. I am from Australia which means I do not need a visa if I'm spending less than 90 days there, for tourism or business reasons. Does this qualify as a business reason? What does qualify as a business reason?

What are the conditions of a short stay visa? Is it specifically, you cannot be employed, or you cannot earn money? If anyone is able to link or tell me the conditions of the short stay visa, that would be great. I can't seem to find it.

Thanks a lot!

As a Non EU citizen, you cannot engage in work activities (earning money) unless you have a work permit and pay the relevant taxes to the Italian government.

Touring around the country and casually teaching does not qualify for a business visa.

Simply put, you cannot work or earn money as a tourist (which you would be). Don't do it, it's illegal.

Romaniac Experts Team

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