Thinking of Starting A New Life

Hi, Everyone!

So I have been thinking a lot recently of leaving the United States and starting my life over. I made poor choices when I was younger that got me into trouble (I have a 3 year old felony). This being on my background make it nearly impossible to get any good jobs, find places that will rent to me, etc.
Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems or experience with things like this. Appreciate any help!

I understand. You can teach English with no degree or experience, but the money will be a bit low. But you can still make it, especially when you're able to build up a nice group of students taking private lessons from you. You make more money that way. You can also pick up a degree & transcripts from various web sites. Here are a couple. or realistic

With those documents in hand, you can make substantially more money and be able to teach in Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and other places. Work hard, save your money, and then start your own business with a local gal for your wife and business partner. Many have done it. So can you.

Good luck to you. Feel free to ask any questions.


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