Visa for my wife

Good afternoon,today i go to MOI for application of family visa for my wife and they rejected my application. All my documents was fine but not my iqama. I graduated in BS in COMMERCE major in MANAGEMENT but in my iqama my profession is GENERAL ACCOUNTANT. So i talked to our HR regarding to this and they say that i have two option because they can't change my profession in my iqama to management because the saudi government dont issue a profession of management to a non saudi citizen so first i need to go in king saud university to regester that im a accountant (how can i regester i didnt even graduated as a accountant) and second to change my profession in my iqama to GENERAL ACCOUNTANT to MARKETING. But my concern is will they accept may application for family visa even I graduated in BS in COMMERCE major in MANAGEMENT and may profession in iqama is MARKETING? Any idea? Or anyone experience like i did?

Yes your HR is right and just go for the option of Marketing Specialist.
Regarding issuing visa there is no rule for them as it depends on the mood of employee.
sometimes he will issue visa sometimes no.
All you have to do is to take your Muaaqib ( Govt. Office representative ) with you and he will talk to employees in MOI office.

Thank you brother

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