hepatitis b and visa rule in uae


how to contact dubai health department, even they deported me back due to TB SCAR, but i dont have tb, i have all reports from multinational hospital,
Would u please tell me the procedure ?

Hello guys,

I wanted to know about hep B new medical checkup rules in dubai.

Software engineering will for this checkup? Pls answer. ..

Hellow to all dears....am in a big trouble can someone help me by telling about the security gaurd visa,,,,am hypatitus B patient will they allow me to stay in Uae on the security gaurd visa or not????your 1 minute time can solve my problem so plzzzz help me....

My email adreess is xxx...u can also text me here thanks alotttt

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I need advice my friend is going a medical exam in sales she worried about coz she having a hepa b result last 2009 and not going check up again she worried if found positive...


The Hepatitis tests are for newcomers and for those looking for job as babysitters, nursery and kindergarten employees, housemaids, workers at barber shops, health clubs or restaurants seeking new visa or renewal. Such applicants will have to undergo these tests when entering the emirate and also during visa renewal process, and if found positive, would be deported.

I'm an accountant. Is my profession part of the 6 categories? I have received direct jobs offers from companies in UAE before but had ignored them as im hep b positive and I thought people with hep b cannot work in middle east.

Are you still in Dubai? I'm an accountant and planning to go there. Will they check me for hepa b?

My name is Arslan Khalid, my wife came in UAE on husband visa when we went for her medical we were informed that she is medically unfit and has TB and was returned back with life time ban, kindly advise if there is any legal process to lift the ban as we have done her medical and all got cleared.
Hoping to hear from you.

Arslan Khalid.

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Hi! i would you to know all that you can still work in UAE. i have read some forums that he contacted the Health ministry if he could work even if he had a Hepa b but the Health ministry in Dubai responded and says "you can and we dont see any problem with that" positively as long as you are not fallen into six categories.( possible work you can get in dubai : that doesn't required you to undergo hepa b test: Call Center, computer fields, Bellmen, postman and more. if you want you can contact this number (0097145023939 dubai ministry health nubmer)..Hope this could help you..

Thanks for the great info dear, but can you tell me that the person who are doing the job in banking sectors, accounts sectors,marketing sectors and warehouse sectors are fall in the 6 catogories or not? Because I am the patient of hepatitis b and planning to go there on visit visa next month and want to get job in these sectors.

Hi guys, any update on your status. Does anyone able to work in UAE having a hepa B?

Please anyone guide me where can I go to remove hepatitis b life time ban? I hv ban in 2008.bt now I hv clear my medical.dubai immigration asking to go to abu dhubai.bt I don't now.which place I can go.some one asking   it will clear in genral command abu dhubai police.any one know the location?

Hi,can u plz tell me how u remove your husband medical ban? ***.plz what'saap me.coz I am in dubai and I am in this truble.reply me fast

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Medical screening result-FIT

I feel I have the obligation to share my case with you all who might be also bothered by hep b question.

My profession is technical manager. I am working for a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone.
I got the offer at the beginning of this year and I disclosed my hep b to company HR because I didn't want to take any risk. After all, moving from a country to UAE is not an easy thing.
HR was very very helpful. They asked DHA, and answer was clear and confirmative, only 6 categories will detect hep b.

Then I took the bold decision (with certain risk of course, because you never know what will happen even though DHA confirmed) and came to Dubai this May.
Last Wednesday, I got medical test and I was shaky because I was thinking if I failed, I could be deported...
I checked on internet yesterday(Sunday), only wrote "result issued" in Salem.dha.gov.ae.
I was so frustrated because I didn't know the actual result. I asked HR and the most graceful lady told me: you passed and result is FIT.
I was in such a joy and today she sent me the medical report with
"FIT" and stamp "Free from infectious diseases".

I'm looking forward to my residence visa now.
All in all, I can say as long as your profession doesn't belong to 6 categories, hep b carrier will pass medical screening.

Last but not least, wish everyone good luck and may god bless us.

Hope above helps. :-)

Hahahahaha very nice same like me😍
God bless you dear best Wishes for the future ahead!👍

is working in a pharmacy in a street belong to 6 categories?

    It's related to the medical field so pharmacy I think one of the medical field.

is working in a pharmacy in a street belong to 6 categories?

how about cashier

         Any department you will work in the medical field will be counted in the six catagories.

how about medical encoder?

even though medical encoder only, working in the front of computer

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