Retiring in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

Why did you choose to retire in Saudi Arabia? What are the advantages compared with your home country?

What were your main considerations when deciding to move? For example, taxes, ease of transferring your pension, etc..

Are there any specific formalities you had to go through as a retiree moving to Saudi Arabia (for example, is there a particular retirement visa)?

What is Saudi Arabia's healthcare like? Have you had any good or bad experiences dealing with healthcare professionals?

Do you have any tips for other retirees in Saudi Arabia?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi Good morning,

Unfortunately  it a very heart touchy subject and mostly expat facing now a days.
There is no any such plan for expt ever seen yet..............


Well, since I’m the only source of income to my family, I’m struggling to keep working as much as I can. I cannot retire now until I make sure my children have graduated from schools and have jobs with income to support the family. Saudi Arabia don’t provide pension to retired expats. Long time ago, KSA has excluded expats from being benefited from GOSI (*) system and limited it for Saudis only.

However, I strongly recommend expats to have their own retirement program. They can, for example, save some money before they retire and make some sort of income generating business to support them, in case of their investment on their children went into vein and their children became useless for their parents!

There are some countries considering the service provided by their people to foreign countries as a continual service to their own countries and then they provide pensions to those people. In this case, the concerned expat can be secured, somehow, to the rest of his life.

(*) GOSI: General Organization for Social Insurance

Expat are not allowed to retire in SA legally. All must leave after work is finished.

Nothing to say dear

Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision will provide selected Expat's for Green Visa allowing them to stay and retire. I've seen many expat's especially from Asian countries who lived for more than 2-3 decades even their children are now working here. The current Expat Levy will change SA dependence from Oil and redirect on other economic solution thus providing not only locals but expat benefits later on. But these has not been implemented yet and is still a plan along the way. Therefore, most expatriates retiring to their respective countries.

I have a desire to stay here for long. Why so? Should have chosen to go to CAN, NZ or AUS, these countries are good but I must say,  "Saving Money" here is more easier. Life is better over there and why not over here? It's a matter of your choice and perspective in life.

When you already have a lot of savings, later on around maybe on your 50's or 60's then you can travel the world, go home to your country or should you chose to stay here for good is for you to decide.

After all- "Life is good". We all live and die, that's reality. It's just how you choose to live it.

So Enjoy! :)


not yet retired just arrived before 4 months

I like saudi Arabia, u don't like Saudi Arabia

Not Retired yet, still working but can't say until when. Current circumstances not favorable working here its very difficult,

No comments about the comparing with home country, everyone loves their home country, every expats come here to earn.

Tips to new expats, Do your work with sincerity & try to make savings out of it as much you can to make your future, social life is very less here compare to other gulf countries.

Now Saudi Arabia is not good for Expat. Because very crises in the market.
No Jobs and salary delayed every month.
better and advice to new comer wait until not a get back same market of Saudi Arabia.
Market is Co-laps due to Oil prices down. and Qatar and Yeman issues.

I think retirment is only for givernmental employees and some multi national companies like aramco, special  work section will not have any chance for retirment.

"Wrong subject" to talk about, why?!
In a nutshell, retirement isn't available for expatriates across KSA !

Dear Priscilla - This whole topic is just plain stupid. Only Saudi citizens can retire in Saudi Arabia.  Once foreign workers retire, they are forced to leave Saudi Arabia for good.  I would suggest deleting this whole thread because it makes you appear ignorant.

Now condition is not good . And also not easy to find patner

Well actually I have just retired. I am 55 and spent 26 years of my life in Saudi. I am lucky enough to be able to find a good job in a good company and grew both professionally and financially. Let me tell it's not about planning a retirement and which country is good or bad for retirement. It's about living the life fully awaken most people spent their lives in trance and hence miss the life. So if you live every moment then when the time comes to retire then we retire gracefully and that doesn't mean end of life it's actually beginning of a new phase in life and there is no such thing as one has lots of responsibilities and must have to work until such and such level of financial freedom is achieved. It's never gonna happen. It's the mental attitude.

So yes I enjoyed the period I have been here and now have lots of exciting plans about traveling, meditation, yoga and then finding a way to help people in emproving personal life.

Dear, i am Not Retired yet, still working, i was coming to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh in 1996 as a bachelor and now last one year i am staying with family visa and i am very happy for my life in Saudi last 21 years, but now can't stay with family due to the new LEVVY .

Everyone retires at some stage in life and it is reality, I wonder why is it bothering some members. This is a wake up call for those who haven't planned their retirement and something to learn about what is reality.

I didn't retire and still working in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) but here situation for expats are not favorable now a days so planning to move back to home country.
New rules and regulations are being implemented and according to those rules and regulations there is a big pressure of expats which is causing the reason to leave this country now.
It has been a wonderful experience to stay here almost 13+ years and feeling little sad for this situation which is no more supporting expats to stay with their families here in KSA.

F Ahmed

I am planning to retire from saudi..

Because of new govt regulations are forced me to get out from this country..

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