Retiring in China

Hello everyone,

Why did you choose to retire in China? What are the advantages compared with your home country?

What were your main considerations when deciding to move? For example, taxes, ease of transferring your pension, etc..

Are there any specific formalities you had to go through as a retiree moving to China (for example, is there a particular retirement visa)?

What is China's healthcare like? Have you had any good or bad experiences dealing with healthcare professionals?

Do you have any tips for other retirees in China?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I don't claim to be an expert, but I will try.

I'm not retired here, but I live and work here.

Your biggest obstacle I think would be visa. There isn't, to the best of my knowledge, a retirement visa.

If you wish to own property or a business here, the only ways I know of are green card (virtually impossible) or marrying a citizen and trusting them to hold it for you.

Another issue for retirees... of you are looking for low cost of living, you can find it in china. If you are looking for decent health care (especially in English) you can find it. But finding both in one locale would be tricky.

Honestly, if I were looking to retire in Asia (and I will someday) it would not be here. But that's just my opinion.

Yes. I am retired in China and living there since more than 15 years...

My wife is a chinese one.. and, of course, I have to speack chinese all day long.

China is a nice place for an old man living there.. but.. but...sometimes I should like to go back and end

my life in my country...China is so different from the  other countries....

If somebody wishes more details I am ready to answer him : Foertai[at]

sorry :  my English is bad...It's not my mother tongue.....


Hi There,

I am presently not living in Dalian; but as I saw you are dealing with property-business, I write to You!

We have a small flat on the Min Zhu Square; 34,6m2; because of unexpected reasons we think about selling it, just 3 years after we bought it.
/As I saw in property sites, the average m2 price is around RMB 11000.- - if very good central place around 22000.- ; this little flat actually is on a very good place, we would like to get RMB 10000.-/m2 for the easy procedure... /But this amount to our hands,  ....after tax, expenses.......we bought it for much more /with tax..!//
Anyway if You could help us in this, I'd appreciate.

/We used to have a small S. Korean investment company in Dalian too; one small shop-business still we have; " hobby-art" is the field. We also would like to sell; if You know somebody also could be negotiated, there are plenty alternatives, we can discuss about this. Your English seems good, so in case of interest kindly contact me, and we try to adjust the details, because to arrange any deal and fly personally to Dalian, obviously can happen only on serious base./

Thanks in advance; kindly send some lines even if your answer is negative!


Thomas /P. Landori/
S. Korea

Well, I live and work in China and I am past retirement age.  I, like many "Baby Boomers" from the USA will probably work until we collapse. It is the "road we hoe".

I could live in China reasonably and comfortably on my Social Security alone.  I would be superior to living as a retired person in the USA.

You have to go "native" and live like a native.  As such, my life expectancy would approach that of a local, which would be 95 years old n my geographical region.  In the USA, I would be Lucky to make it to 81.

China is not a chosen retirement destination.  It is too different from the USA. For most Americans, you will need to retire to something similar to what you are used to.  That means Canada or Mexico.

If I were to choose a location to retire to, I would choose Thailand. It is cheaper than China. But that is just me.

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