Insurance for my pregnant wife


I would like to ask if there is a chance that my wife can avail an insurance card here in Riyadh due to we got married here ( She is working under MOL ) and we went for couple of government hospitals but they are declining her because on her iqama says she is single also my company cannot gave her a insurance card because she is working on other company.

Please need advice regarding my situation her due date will be on October

Thank you

You need to take it up again with your company HR. They have to support you and issue a letter to your insurance company for your wife's insurance.

Unfortunately there is no other way - for example you can't buy insurance on your own. This was called individual insurance and was stopped early this year.

Thank you for your response

But as per my Company insurance company is not allowing us to provide insurance if the person is not under my iqama.

With the current situation of insurance, I don't see any solution for you. You may consider:

- paying in cash
- travelling back home for delivery

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