Dataflow Issues

I have completed my Datflow since March but they did not send me a final report copy in my email. It only states "completed" when I check the status. What does a completed status means and how can I acquire a copy of my final report? Anyone having the same problem as well with Dataflow report?

please reply, can i register with SCHS without done Data flow?
i am a Nurse

i have the same problem. when i checked online i have completed status but i can not download my final report. it says unfortunately report was submitted to saudi council but can not be shared with you please visit documentation office. i already have my saudi council id and cert. please update me if you have solutions to our problem thank you

how to retrieve my dataflow? i dont have the reference/bar code number. my last employer didnt give my dataflow when i exit in KSA.

Hi, everyone I need  help, I'm really confused with regards to data flow. I'm due for renewal of my Saudi license and this is my first time accessing the mumaris and data flow system since our company didn't require as to do before (we have our own company PSV that was honored by Saudi Council but 2 weeks ago they said they need PSV from data flow)
My question is in data flow application there's  Education, Employment and Health license part,
under the Education there's option to upload PRC  (my home license) do I still need to fill up the health license part or I can skip it? or it can be considered one document under Education?
Secondly, my position in my current license is Nurse Technician, is there any news with regards to the need of upgrading all license to nurse specialist? :(
It will cost me SR 1102, is anyone having the same problem?
Please someone enlighten me with this matter, appreciate it much.
Thank you.

Hi you need to fill up all the details needed in data flow. As I remember, I uploaded a copy of my PRC license, Authorization letter from data flow and TOR. All the information will be verified and I think it will take a 30-45 days to complete. You will receive a report once verification is complete. You need to check from time to time if the verification is complete. Hope this helps.

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