How can I get a Colombian ID Card if I am in the US?

I am in Houston; there is a local Colombian Consulate.

Can I apply for a Cedula de Extranjeria (ID Card) before I arrive in Colombia?
Is there a service company that can do this for me? 
Anyone know?

Andy, you have to pick up your cédula in a Colombian city.

Your post leaves it unclear as to whether you realize that you need to obtain a visa before you can qualify for a cédula.

What is your visa status?  Have you visited Colombia on a tourist stamp?

cccmedia in Medellín

Yes, I have not gotten a visa , yet.   
I will apply for a TP-10 visa (Married to a Colombian) then, apply for the Cedula Extranjeria.

I was hoping that with a local Colombian lawyer and Power of Attorney, theses transaction could be handled from USA. (with proper marriage certificates, digital signatures, etc.)

Do one of the following....

1. Contact the consulate in Houston and see if they can assist you in English.

2. Visit welcome page where currently is posted information about obtaining a TP-10 visa.

cccmedia in Medellín

Hi Andy! Yes, you can apply for the tp-10 visa from the consulate, and you don't have any problem to enter the country, once you get it you have only 15 days  to register your visa in the migration office here in Colombia and few days later they give you your  ID card "cédula de Extranjería" for what I know they don't give you ID outside the country except if you need a replacement of your current ID (I'm not sure about it) if I remember right, if you leave the county more than six months you will lose it and you have to apply for a new one. I  don't know exactly what's your situation, but if you have all the required documents for the application there is no reason to be rejected then you will only need the money and that's it. You can do the whole process online by yourself, you don't need any attorney, is a very simple procedure. You should start  with the study before to go the consulate that cost 52USD you will need a Colombian bank account to do the payment and once is approved then you proceed to liquidate the visa payment 211USD and don't forget to TO CHECK the consulate office where you are going to do the application in the USA.....IF NOT, BY DEFAULT IT CHOOSES COLOMBIA and you have to come to Colombia to complete  the process.

If you are American citizen, you can stay here 3 months without visa, plus 3 months more extension so you have time enough to do the process directly here if you are planning to move to Colombia. Online, usually takes only  few days. You can do everything here and (h ere is where you get your id card, it cost $183.000COP and they don't accept your American card it has to be Colombian bank card or you have to go the bank to pay in cash or with a code in the atm and then come back with the receipt to the migration office to complete the process. Sleep well that day and get your best face because the pic of that day it will be your ID card picture for the next 3 years :-D



Some of Karen's information is accurate, some is not.

For an accurate, up-to-date primer on obtaining a visa, google how to obtain a visa.

cccmedia in Medellín

Hi there! Wich one is not? Please tell me. Actually I'm doing the residence visa process.


One does not need a Colombia bank account in order to pay for a visa, a cédula or steps along the way.


Since I am in this process, already 3 years ago... I never have been able to pay with european cards :(  please tell me how do you do it. Online only shows you 2 options PSE or bancolombia (cash) and ATM.  For PSE payments you can access only with colombian bank  :(  :unsure is there another option? I would really like to know, I would save  a lot of money in withdraws. 
Recently I had to do payments in migration office, for ID card and "migratory movements certificate" but they insist: only with Colombian cards, of course we tried with the eu card just for fun and as expected it didn't work.

I obtained a TP-7 visa in March of this year through Langon Colombia law firm .. and I did not have a Colombia bank account.  I paid Langon for its fees and government fees via PayPal.

I personally registered the visa in Quindío using a USA-bank-issued debit card.


Ahhh!!!! that way of course you don't need it, they do everything for you.
You need the Colombian bank only when you do all the process by yourself without intermediaries. Now is clear  ;)
One more question, the place where you have registered your visa it was at Centro facilitador de migración en Armenia? And did you pay there 183.000COP of your new ID with your US card???  :/  mine is not working in any of this offices...Perkele!!!! :lol:   :shy

It would be comforting to think that an Expat can do this stuff without paying a fee to an attorney, a visa facilitator or a travel agency.

And some Expats apparently can do this.

You and me, Karen, however, we fall into the majority category of folks who need assistance in navigating the process.

Part of the problem may be that immigration offices in different cities may take payment or handle the details differently from each other.

I suggest that you consider whether it is time to give up the struggle .. and get assistance not from an Expat, but from someone who deals with this stuff every day.

And for heaven's sake -- based on current reality and your recent PM's -- stay the heck away from Venezuela.


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