PHCC visa process time

Hi all.. good day!!
Can anyone help me regarding visa processing time for PHCC??? I have submitted all credentials and visa application by mid May this year. Does it usually take this much time or is something wrong?
Please help if anyone got any idea regarding this situation..

Hi..Do you have any update for Phcc working visa?
I'M also waiting for almost 2 months now..

Hello. Can anyone tell me how long will it take to process the visa under phcc qatar? I passed all the requirements and credentials for visa last sept 10. Thank you

Hi lleane. When did u passed your requirements for visa?  Why are u still waiting for 2 months?

Hello.... i had passed my visa requirements since June 6 and till now am waiting for visa..
It has been in MOI since August 6..

Hi Lleane

I had submitted all required documents by May 2017. The visa got issued 1st week of Aug 2017. Due to the Eid holidays and my notification period to my previous employer made further delay. I am expecting to fly end of this month.

My advice to all fellow candidates are, be patient as PHCC has their protocol and will take some time. I too went through all the uncertainty, but in the end alhamdullillah... things get right.

Hi Rasha

You can check your visa status at Moi qatar

Just enter your passport number and nationality.

Hi raz 13.. how they send you the visa? Or u checked it first in moi online? Thanks

Hi Raz13
Am checking it daily its still under process since August 6.. hope u arrive safely and everything will be as u r expecting...

Hi rasha-slei ..what profession ur applied? Coz mine still no under process appear in moi..

Hi Ningning13

I used to check online regularly for the updates(just out of curiosity!!!). But once the visa was issued they had mailed me the same week.

I recommend u follow up online as I read on the blog that few candidates were not informed after their visa was issued.

Thanks Rasha

Hope everything goes fine. And I wish all of you join the team soon!!!

Hi last question... because i checked my visa online still no under process i am seeing.. it is my old visa there.. it is same as u before? Or it will appear under process then long wait again for the visa to be approve? Thanks and congrats for ur visa...

Hii Ningning 13
Am applied for health coach.

Hi ningning,

Yeah.. once the moi portal shows processing it will take 3-8 weeks for the visa approval. U need to wait till then.

In my case It was overseas recruiting.. so there was no previous visa status and show request not found and I was glad to see under process!!!

If the portal still shows your old visa then I believe that your documents are yet to be submitted to the MOI.

Hi guys
I have a question about the merraige catogrey allowance. It mentioned in my offer letter. I would like to know approximately how much it will be?

Hello, can anyone tell me how can I get a job phcc qatar. Presently I am working in saudi Arabia.

Hi Raz13! How long did it took for your hiring process?

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