Limited Company Tax Situation ...

Hi All,

I'm moving to Malta in October 2017 with my wife and 2 little ones from the UK.

I currently work in IT as a freelance contractor, and have a UK limited company - when we move, I will continue to work for my UK based client, and I'm trying to find out some more details on my tax situation.

I have a very good UK accountant who has given me some advice, but he knows nothing about the Maltese system, so I now need to get up to speed. I suppose I have the following main issues to pursue:

1. If I carry out work in Malta, but the invoices are paid to my UK company, how is my income tax handled?

2. Is there any advantage in setting up a Maltese limited company and working through this?

3. Any recommendations for decent local accountants that are used to helping out confused foreigners?

Many thanks!

speak to a good maltese accountant, there are MAJOR benefits to being locally incorporated.  Like MASSIVE.

Depends on your billing amounts to see if its worth it, but once you live here and if you're here more than 1/2 year in any given year your taxes are here.

Am also a IT consultant from London, feel free to private message me

Thanks! Just sent you a pm ...

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