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Hi everyone
Please i have a question , i have found a job in Qatar and the sponsor started the visa process, i have been waiting for four mounths and i finally receivied a mail from my sponsor last week,

"" Hi Ilhame
I have some good news we have received a confirmation that we have a female Moroccan visa available, so we have submitted your application yesterday.

Fingers crossed the application is approved now by MOL and we have no further issues with rejection. We will keep a close eye on the application process. ""

So please i want to know how many time can take the application process?

Thank youu

Congratulations 🎈

Work visa  applications for females from morocco most of the time  is difficult process in GCC including Qatar and most of people in GCC know this fact , especially if the Job to which the visa application submitted is simple job like sales , Beauty Saloon ,etc . The MOI need time to approve that cause they conduct mostly investigation about the company who hire you   , so be patient

Thank's Vidoco, actually the position is Sales Manager with Alshaya Group, and they already had the  confirmation of a  female Moroccan visa ( I have been waiting for a loooong time for it) , they submitted the application with my name 7 days ago, it may take a long time also ?

You welcome , it depend also on the Company , I know Alshaya group , since I eat regularly  in Restaurant belong to the group . Anyways I think it will take Approx. short time if they need you hardly

Hi Ilhame,

Alshaya have a reputation of being very slow and late even though they are one of the biggest group in GCC. My friend waited 6 months to get his offer letter an finally the visa. There recruitment process is really slow.

Good Luck.

Good morning ilham
since the visa approved fom MOI so no more time remaining
i think befor end of this month u'll got the visa confirmation
welcome to qatar in advance

I am selected for a job in an govt.organisation in Doha,Qatar.when asked about offer letter the job consultancy people told first visa gets issued and then they will issue an offer letter.I am confused actualy first offer letter is to be signed by both parties then the job visa processes starts.can any one clarify this.Thanks.

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