Official Interprettion required

My husband has a document that requires translation from English to Spanish.  Each page must be stamped  and be official translated by a professional.
We live just outside Alcoy and no one here can advise where to go with the document.  We can travel anywhere between Torrevieja and Valencia.  Any advice appreciated

You may find translators in the BUSINESS DIRECTORY who may assist you.

Romaniac Experts Team

Ask any lawyer gestor etc.  in the area, They will know. 

The charge is based on the number of words,

We speak very little Spanish and have a Spanish lawyer who does not seem to know anyone available.  It has to be a court appointed translator.  Thanks for your help and advice


MarniLynne posted a link  in another thread which lead me to Googling 

You can change that to show the town which is most convenient for you:-

Good luck

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