Odds of a Filipino with bachelor's degree getting Ireland work visa?

A Filipino friend of mine is thinking about applying for jobs in Ireland. She has a bachelor's degree in pharmacy and now works selling medical devices to hospitals. We expect she can get a job offer, but applying and interviewing would be a lot of effort, and there is no point in doing it if Ireland wouldn't grant her a work visa. I don't think Ireland has huge shortage of this particular skill set or anything. Does anyone have a guess what the likelihood is of a work visa getting approved, or what their criteria would be?

From google, my impression is that 80-90% of applications are approved. To be eligible, it helps to have a base salary (excluding bonuses) of over 30,000 euros. If you’re below that, you’re only eligible if your job category is not on the ineligible professions list. The list does include some sales positions, but it’s not clear to me her job would be included or not. … mployment/

But if she really wants to live and work in Ireland, wouldn't applying and interviewing be worth the effort?

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