Getting job in Brussels (Java developer)

Hi all,

Currently I am working in London as Java developer.  My husband is getting transferred  to Brussels. And I would be joining him as dependent. So want to know what are the job prospects for me in Brussels on dependent visa?Are dependents allowed to work there? If not then how should I proceed for my job search? Do companies sponsor visa if I start applying for here itself?
Answer to my questions would help me in deciding and taking the further steps


Do you have a British Passport? I assume not since you mention visa. So if it's an Indian one, then one option is to do as a lot of my colleagues have done: to be placed at a client location in Brussels via a company such as Fujitsu in India. They will help sort out the working visa. My colleagues take an average of a couple of months though to sort that out. But at least, for a Java developer there is a lot of need so companies like that or Atos or someone would probably be interested in you.

Thanks for your reply.
So Is it difficult to get job there , if you don't speak french or dutch

It is not impossible to find a job by speaking only English. But by not learning other European languages, you drastically reduce your professional possibilities.

In addition, it must be understood that English is absolutely not a Belgian national language and will never be. The Belgian national languages are French, Dutch and German.

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