Finding some volunteer activities in Manila!

Hello you guys,

I just moved to Makati for some months ago
I would like to do some volunteer activities when I get free time.
Anyone knows good places or groups for it?


Im looking for some volunteer activities in Central Visayas, Negros Oriental/Dumaguete area also!

Hi MK!

If you like animals, you can check out PAWS, CARA, or Pasay Pups for animal rescue volunteer programs.
Otherwise, you can check out i Volunteer PH (, there are different volunteer programs/activities you can select from, and also can book your slot through the website.

Hope my answer helped.

There are lots of volunteer activities in Makati. How about trying to find one at City Hall. They might have a list of things you can volunteer that are actually quite near you.

Hi you can join us in our feeding programs to children in remote areas here in Luzon.
Please message me if you are interested. I'll also send pictures of the places we visited and children we helped.

Interested in my Area - Negros oriental - central visayas, not Luzon. Sorry!

You can try Asia Society. Their office is in Greenbelt.

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