Learning Tagalog

Hi everybody !
I am a French young lady. I am living very close to Paris. I am learning Tagalog so I am looking for Filipino or Filipina penfriends or people I could meet sometimes in Paris.
I would love to share my language and French culture with them too.
Thanks for your help !

Hi Clementine. I am Rhea, a filipina. I would love to talk with u in tagalog but I am here in Amiens. Why would u like to learn tagalog?

Magadang gabi Rhea ! It's ok for me, I would love to share Tagalog with you. And maube some day you'll go to paris and me to Amiens... I want to learn Tagalog as I am very curious about it and dream to go there.

Magandang Araw Rhea, it's good to hear you are trying to learn our language. You can ask if you have any Tagalog problems, pls prefer to ask. I'll be glad to help. Kissa

Ok Clem, I will send u a short message of tagaalog as it is not allowed to post here. Good luck 🙂

Hi Kissa !
I am learning Tagalog, Rhea offered to help me ;)

I feel so lucky, thanks Rhea ! I'll contact ou via PM ^^

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