Canadian spouse of UK citizen - Residence Permit advice needed

Any assistance greatly appreciated! Here's our situation: we are relocating to Spain in September (Alicante). My wife is a UK citizen and lives as a landed immigrant with me here in Canada. We understand she can relocate to Spain with virtually no issues, but once there, I, as a Canadian-born citizen of Canada, need to apply for the “Residence Permit For Relatives of EU Nationals” (tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la Unión). To obtain that permit, we need to bring a recent copy of our marriage certificate, and have it officially translated to Spanish once there. But everything we can find online seems to suggest that the marriage certificate must be from the EU national's original country (in this case, the UK). Well, in our case, my wife has been a landed immigrant here in Canada since her teens, and obviously, our marriage certificate is Canadian. Will this be recognized, or acceptable? That's the essence of my question. As I wrote, any advice is greatly appreciated.

you need to get your marriage recognized in the UK.  It can get a bit tricky for Americans, Canadians, but they do want the right paperwork.  There is quite a bit of info online in various places.  We don't specifically cover this on our blog, but we can help you with the process, if you want any cosulting.  Just look us up on Wagoners Abroad.  Our menu offers a few options for consulting, but we can either do a quick skype call with you or the 1 hour email consultaiton, if you want all of the steps in writing.     Of course someone else may have input here for you as well.  thanks!

Thank you! I knew there was some kind of hiccup, and that it couldn't be that easy...if we need more assistance, we'll get in touch. Thanks again.

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