Adoption in Sosua area

Does anyone know the possibility of adopting in the DR? We are Canadians planning a permanent move to Sosua who will be earning a good income while living there. I have a 4 year old daughter and  would love to help / adopt a child once we have moved there. What are my chances? Any suggested steps? Thanks.  I love this forum.

It is possible but not common. If you are planning to stay permanently  you will need residencia before they will even consider you.  That is my understanding but I have never done it!

And do you speak Spanish?  That is likely to be a requirement of adoption - the ability to communicate with the child. So while getting settled and seeing if you love it here start studying...... :D

I would love to adopt too, there are so many kids that really need a loving family! You need to be older than 30 years old and married for at least 5 years, they will ask for criminal record check, psychological evaluation and proof of income. I would recommend hiring a lawyer to guide you through the process, adoptions are long and tedious but so worth it!

Welcome to you both.  Yes possible but lots of hoops.  Do hire a reputable lawyer and get your residency process started as well as working on your Spanish skills.

Bob K

Its really not encouraged here!

There's a family I'm aware of in the Santo Domingo area that has a toddler that they say was "found in the street as a baby" and that the entire family takes turn raising it. How probable is this, or am I being given a line to cover up who's child it really is?

It's probably a line. Who are "they" to you?

Take care, it may be a ploy to get moola from you. I have heard of this type of scam before.  Usually though, the child in in the Balkins or thereabouts.  Hope for your sake that it is real & turns out well for all of you.  If they offer you their lawyer, forget it , get your own to investigate them.  Good luck & welcome to the North shore.

My girlfriend's, whom I only come to see about once a month or so.

I know for a fact hat its easy to adopt kids, i mean, in the same way locas do......just take them in.

Funandsun - likely one of them is a parent of that  hold.

Colonel  - taking,them in and caring for them is honorable and part of the culture. I think the original question was about legally adopting and that is not easy here at all.

I'm suggesting she can do that honorable thing too, just like the locals since she said she's moving here.  In fact, Just a few weeks ago , I myself was offered a little kid of 3 or so.

Yes, in fact we all can!

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