Apostille document for from non-apostille countries

I am an indonesian marrying a Mauritian. The marriage will take place in Mauritius. To obtain my residence permit, they are asking for:

Full Birth Certificate of applicant duly legalized/authenticated by competent authority/ bear the seal of "Apostille" of the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961 (where applicable).
Indonesia is not part of the Apostille Convention, I'm in Indonesia, how and where can I legalize my birth certificate by an authority ?

There is an honoury Mauritius consulate in Jakarta. This would be a good place to make inquiries. Phone 63858611 and email setiaina[at]

I understand the process takes 3 steps (maybe 4) starting at your local Hukum HAM.

Can you describe the process and the places to go ?

I am in same situation, wanting to marry in Belgium. The relevant documents were legalised by two Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finally they have to be legalised by the Embassy/Consulate of your country here in Indonesia.

Lots of work which takes lots of time (reckon on 1 to 2 weeks for whole process). I used agent in Jakarta who did everything. I sent her the documents. I paid by bank transfer. I got the legalised documents sent back to me approx. 10 days later.

Hello! I need to approve a document from school of my son for Greece. Currently me and my son based in Bali. Can someone help me with contact of agent, who can prepare papers for Greece? ( I am talking about apostille, but it’s not appostile, I understand.) I need a contact as soon as possible. Thank you, guys!

My phone number: ***

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