Scoping out a new life in Mexico

Hola!  My name is Diana.  I am a professional fundraiser who is now working in the field part time.  I am also a jewelry designer and am increasingly focusing on marketing my work.  My son is finishing college and I am ready to leave the U.S. as the proverbial empty-nest-er.  I will be using Puerto Morelos as a home base for the week I am in the Yucatan -- end of October/beginning November 2017.  I am a native New Yorker (West Village), have lived/worked in Paris, and have limited travel in Guatemala (from where I adopted my son as an infant).  I do not yet speak Spanish, but I will be learning.  I will be traveling around Yucatan as much as I can for seven days, scoping out towns for relocation sometime in 2018.  This is quite an adventure for me, but given my love of the Maya people and their culture, arts, struggles, etc., I believe I am on the correct tract for my next iteration in life!  Right now I am looking at arriving in Mexico with early social security income only.  At this point I am thinking of renting a home, not buying.   I hope my jewelry and fundraising skills may help me boost my income -- if only "under the table."  I have been reading extensively about the Yucatan and while "book knowledge" is one thing, the real thing will be quite another.  I'd love to hear any thoughts about my upcoming journey as I do not have any contacts in Mexico and I will be looking to forge some with expats for my Oct/Nov trip and expected return visits in 2018 until I find the right place to settle.  Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you folks.  Regards, Diana

Hello Diana,

Yes Mexico is quite an adventure, a busy adventure. 

My first suggestion would be to work hard on the Spanish, it will make your life much easier. Make connections with Spanish speakers more than english speakers. It would be cheaper to not move to a tourist or expat city, much cheaper. Perhaps some place like Progreso or cities close to there.  that would put you close to Merida which would make you feel more secure expat wise.

You should also familiarize yourself with the visa requirements. There are numerous posts on that topic as well as information on cities you might like, in the forum.
Progreso has some arts and crafts areas , as does Merida. I'm not sure if you could make a living with it though. Many cities have some arts and crafts

Buena suerte

Many thanks!  My first choice is to be on the water, preferable sea/ocean, not lagoon.  I am not eager to be in a colonial city or inland. But, never say never. I think this first trip down will help me decide to continue searching in Mexico or not.  Progreso did come to mind.  Again, thanks for your suggestions.  Best, Diana

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