Help me and my French bf need some advice on getting married.

Hey guys, me and my bf is planning to get married . He is French and he's getting tired of doing visa run every couple months. The jpn didn't provide much information on the process for a French to marry a malaysian especially in the city I'm from. I hope someone can give us advise on what we need to do and what needed as in documents for his side and how much the bond for the spousal visa etc. Thanks so much .

This information concerns non-Muslim marriages

His Embassy can assist. These are the documents required … e/1021.htm

This is the process … e/1020.htm

hello, how to apply for single status certificate for frenchman?

Ask at the French Embassy - as it is a French Legal document.

Hi, my fionce and I are also planning to get married here.. I’m Malaysian and he is French.. could I have some contact number of yours or an email address as I hope your marriage has gone through smoothly and you would be able to give me advice that would be very helpful.

hey there please check your message. hope to chat with you soon

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