Choosing An International School

I work in the airline industry and am considering applying for a role in Qatar (specifically with Qatar Airways). Before I do so, I wanted to better understand Qatar's education system. I have a 14 year old son and a 8 year old daughter, and want to consider them first before addressing other areas.

Would someone be able to outline the 3-5 best international school options, detailing the pros/cons of each one?

I'm also keen to understand fees for each of these options - I don't yet know if Qatar Airways (or any prospective employer) would offer an education allowance...this is something I still need to read up on!

If I do end up going with Qatar Airways, I noticed they have their own school (Oryx International School) - how does this compare to the 3-5 options above?

I'm no expert, but as far as I know, according to friends.... Private schooling is expensive! Maybe get the full facts about the offer and what it entails, before you decide. Things that are expensive are housing and schooling, especially for families, wanting a similar lifestyle than in SA... Just my 2c!

Hi. You should really begin by working out your budget. English medium schools vary greatly in price and quality. I can help if you let me know.

Hi. It is run by Nord Anglia, which has a solid reputation internationally. The curriculum switches from IGCSE at Years 10-11 to IB at Years 12-13 rather than AS/A-Levels, which can be an issue for some parents. Much depends on the age of your child/children though. One bonus is its affiliation with Juilliard for music. All the best.

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