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Is the UK currently really strict on the tourist visa. Me and my boyfriend are going to England this December for 4 weeks. We are just so desperate for my visa to get accepted. It would break our hearts if it wasn't. If his parents are inviting me and covering my costs whilst in the UK will I still need to show my bank statements as part of my application? Any advice would help. Is it likely if I provides all the right documentation I'll get accepted? Thanks all!

You will get it if you have travel history otherwise it's difficult

Big crack down on all kinds of visa's to the UK and it does not look like it will get any better any time soon....


You sound like a genuine  visitor but i am afraid the UK home office has a check list to qualify a prospective visitor.

1) You need to provide evidence at the time of applying for visa that you have "strong ties" with your home country in terms of a professional permanent   job and property in your name.

2) To a visa officer your's will be a typical case of a girl visitor who is visiting her fiance in UK and getting married  there ,making it  impossible  to be deported.

3) If your visa application is rejected for what ever reason, it will be very difficult to get a visa for any EEC country.

Sorry these are the facts.  :)

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