Considering a job offer I got in Budva

Hi all, I am a 30-year-old female, from USA and am considering a job offer I got in Budva.

Can you tell me anything that might help me in my decision-making? How much of a monthly salary do you think is enough to live on? Will I be able to find other expats to befriend in Budva (I hear most are in Podgorica)? What is daily life like in Budva? What might give me culture shock?

Thank you.

Contact me when you get here would be glad to show you some of the ropes so to speak. I live just above budva. 

There is a cost of living calculator on the web where you can put in your home town and budva and it will give you a good idea. As for salary enough to live on well it really depends on how you live..... like anywhere else in the world..

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