Moving to Fiji & start a small business

hi my name is Adrienne; I am working on a plan to move to Fiji & start a small business in holistic health (yoga, healthy eating, meditation) ultimately host people as bed & breakfast and offer public yoga classes. any tips or connections?

hey,nice to read your message,.i dont know how you are going to seatle business in fiji,fiji is not rich country,people working for weary little money,i bean in fiji about 15-17 time for about each time 3-4 weeks,i did not sea around any business like you want to have,a i say,people is not rich there,and dont use this sort of relaxation you are going to have there,maybe if you work and open in resorts where mostly foreigner stay,and can be your customer,but local people dont think so,wish you all the best,regards

thanks for the feedback, yes my business will be marketed to travelers seeking a retreat experience and the locals that I have spoken to are interested so what I am thinking is linking to villages and offering my services by donation and/or donate my services to the villages who are open to the experience.
ive been a few times too and understand the economic climate; my business is not about getting rich, solely sustaining myself and serving others :)

i yes understand,but you must know how the immigration,department of labor,will recognize to se you staying longer in fiji,.? especially,doing in anyway,donations,volunteering,or ? you are tourist all the time,tourist visa have limitation of staying ? doesnt matter how you think,it will look,if you are there with know plan to be working/be a rich/how you calling your staying there,living,etc,you are tourist,right,? get all inquire before putting plan,ask and explain to fiji high commission,what you want to do in fiji,.you think,voluntering/you must have local sponsor,and again its limit to stay,whet s ever you want to do with out pay,voluntering,etc.its tourist visa,you working,its work visa,you want to stay live longer apply for residence visa,

Yes, I understand that I need a visa and to verify a denomination of money.
And there are laws & protocol for immigration & doing business.
During my trips to fiji I've spoken with business owners and have been given some feedback on some of this.
There are some logistics that I still have to review.
So again thanks for your feedback, and we'll wishes to you on any of your eandevors.

Hello everyone and welcome on board Adrienne  :)

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Hi this is SASIREKHA from India,i like to work in Fiji can you help me

Good luck to your venture! I hope you'll enjoy your stay there. i'm also planning to visit Fiji next year but for just a vacation.

I have been in Fiji for six weeks, working on a work visa.  Also might gain residency by investing $50,000 in a business.  I do not know who you've been talking to, but I've noticed, that people are very polite and deem it rude to be disagreeable, so take feedback from locals with a grain of salt.  Since you are looking for opinions, I will tell you, that I must agree with the other posts that unless you are working in collaboration with an expensive resorts, I just don't see how you could make your business successful, even just to sustain yourself.  I can see that you are a young person, and I am sure that the adventure will be interesting, but if you cannot afford to lose money, and need to make a living, I would caution you that it would be a tall order with the business you have in mind.  Having said that, I am in the Nadi area, which is very poor and simple.  Even those who have money around here - and I know business people who do, they have a very simple lifestyle, that is far from luxurious, or even holistic.  I hear that Suva, the capital is more sophisticated.  I will go there for the first time next week - I hope you are right about your assessment that there are people who like the finer things and I am very hopeful that some of that can be attained in Suva.  I terribly miss just the average American-type goods; just simple things that are not available locally; not to mention food...  I should add that in the U.S. I worked with European investors for years -  was evaluating/recommending investment opportunities and was also a financial advisor with Morgan Staney for a while...  Good luck!

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Nice to see you pinned cN u advise I'm from India can u find cashier or sales man job in Fiji can I get work. Permit

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